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Jeff's Live Gig Calendar:

About Jeff Thibodeau's Music

Introducing Jeff Thibodeau

Jeff Thibodeau with guitar

Hi!  My name is Jeff Thibodeau and I perform original and cover songs throughout the Cape Cod and Boston area in the rock/pop/funk/folk/blues music genres as a solo, duo or band act.

I work pri­mar­ily as lead singer, rhythm gui­tarist, harpist (harmonica), and occa­sional bassist and keyboardist.

I was trained in clas­si­cal piano as a child. In col­lege I bought my first gui­tar so I could carry my instru­ment with me and started writ­ing songs. Since then, I've con­tin­ued singing, songwriting and playing originals and covers with/for the following local professional musicians, bands and venues:

Partial List of Performance Venues (alphabetical order):

  • Amari Bar & Ristorante
  • Barley Neck Inn
  • Beach Break
  • Blue Coral
  • British Beer Company
  • Chatham Squire
  • Chatham Wayside Inn's Wild Goose Tavern
  • Chocolate Sparrow
  • Harvest Gallery Wine Bar
  • Horizons
  • Island Blue Crab
  • Kings Way
  • Land Ho!
  • Lobster Pool
  • Mattakeese Wharf
  • Ocean Edge Resort's Bayzo's Pub
  • Oliver's and Planck's Tavern
  • Pelham House Resort
  • Private Events/Parties
  • Reef Cafe
  • Ricks Outer Bar
  • The Woodshed

Collaborating Musicians (alphabetical order):

  • Derick Bussiere
  • Bob Chambers
  • Humberto Cordero
  • Palmer Egan
  • Josh Delaney
  • Dawn Derow
  • John Gearin
  • Ian Ives
  • Greg Johnson
  • Aaron Mayo
  • Asa Nadeau
  • Colin O'Dwyer
  • John Pells
  • Lucas Provost
  • Brian Sances
  • Peter Schuchknecht
  • Eric Short
  • Jimmie Snyder
  • Sharron Vaillette
  • Mark Van Bork
  • Dave Walton
  • Eli Woods
  • Jamie Wyeth

Associated Bands:

  • JT & the Sunshine Band
  • Reverse Evolution
  • The Mooncussers
  • 4 Eyes
  • Just Another Guru
  • Fort Hill
  • The Origin

The Meaning Behind the Music

Music is a uni­ver­sal means of cel­e­brat­ing and sharing the magic of life.  At the simplest level, it just feels good to play, hear, and feel it.  It's pure enjoyment and we all love and appreciates it at some level.  Music is part of us.

On a deeper level, song is a voice of the soul that connects people with each other and the world. We "sing our song" when we fol­low our hearts and intuition, doing what we are meant to do, and being who we are meant to be with pas­sion. Like the end­less bird­song that cir­cles the earth with the breaking sun­rise, I wish for my music to be an ongoing, flowing expres­sion of what it is that gives me life, a reflection of who I am and how I expe­ri­ence the world. I wish that we may all find the music of our souls and sing our songs in har­mony with every­thing we are and do.

Some of the themes I work with in my song­writ­ing involve the fundamentally interdependent polar­i­ties of life..... pain and plea­sure, earth and heaven, body, and spirit, holding on and letting go..... It is in the bal­anced cen­ter-point of these oppo­sites that health, happiness, har­mony, and ful­fill­ment are found.  I believe that love is the essence of all things, and that every action and event has a divine purpose and meaning.  My lyrics carry a pos­i­tive mes­sage even when depict­ing a painfully human experi­ence and songs usu­ally emerge when I am feel­ing at one with myself and the world.

Other Pursuits

I do a few other things too, some of which are briefly described below....

Helios Land Design

I own and operate Helios Land Design providing land design, protection, planning, permitting and management services.  Check out Helios Land Design for a detailed description of my qualifications, services, products and portfolio.  I earned a Master's Degree from Cornell University and have over 25 years of professional experience working with the earth.

Helios Natural Therapeutics

I operate Helios Natural Therapeutics. providing holistic health services including cranial sacral therapy, therapeutic massage, and life coaching.  Check out jeffthibodeau.com for more details and to set up an appointment.  You can get a copy of my book enti­tled Be Your Best! A Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life by reaching out to me directly or by ordering one through Amazon.  My writing is intended to help guide and inspire read­ers through life chal­lenges towards their high­est potential.

May you always be blessed!  Rock on!


Music Videos from Jeff Thibodeau Music YouTube Channel

Solo Demo Music Videos

Jeff Thibodeau_Demo Cover Song Video

Photograph (Ed Sheeran) covered by Jeff Thibodeau

Sometimes (Jonathan Edwards) covered by Jeff Thibodeau

September (Daughtry) Cover Song Snippet

Afterglow (Ed Sheeran) Cover Song Snippet

Commercial Street Provincetown Busking 2022

Busking Demo Video 2

Busking Demo Video 3

Duo Demo Music Videos

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Deep Blue Something) by Jeff Thibodeau & Eric Short

Sail Away (David Gray) by Jeff Thibodeau & Palmer Egan

Band Demo Music Videos

Band Demo Video 1

Original Music